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Chopsticks. Oriental Displacement. Imágenes desde Hong Kong#4

Hong-Kong #4: Shanghai St.

 Shanghai St., de Susana López F. 
Chopsticks.Oriental Displacement. Hong-Kong

Through “Chopsticks. Oriental Displacement” by Susana López F., PhotoArte Komite Art Gallery sets up a different way of expanding an art exhibition. 
Chopsticks. Oriental Displacement” is an approach to the diversity of settlement patterns of the Chinese community in western cities; a really interesting work that tells us of the diversity in the perception of the identity, the place and the “other”. 

A view from the West that requires a counterpoint to our look, a counterpoint that will be given by the images taken in the city of Honk Kong.
  A new model of exhibition, in which the transmission of the artwork content does not stop at the exhibition itself, but expands with the new experiences of the author.


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