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Destination Berlin artist´s talk

El pasado viernes 21 se inauguraba en la galería 1aspace de Hong-Kong la muestra colectiva comisariada por Susana López F. "Destination Berlin". 
El sábado 22 se organizó un pequeño encuentro privado en el que comisaria y artistas departieron con el público acerca de las obras expuestas. Estas son algunas de las imágenes de Destination Berlin artist´s talk.

Wai Yi, Lai (Hong-Kong), Shirley Wiebe (Canadá); Jacqueline Kooter (Amsterdam) y Susana López F. (comisaria de la exposición) a sus espaldas se aprecian las fotografías de Susana López F.; Wai Kit Lam (Hong-Kong) y Thea Jentjens (Amsterdam).

Parte del público que acudió a conversar con las artistas

Tras la charla, comenzó un pase privado con artistas e invitados

The collective exhibition Destination Berlin, which opens on 21 September introducing 1a Space Gallery, it started three years ago in this city.
Direct or indirect the celebration of the 20th aniversary of Berlin Wall fall unified for first time these six international artists: Jacqueline Kooter, Shirley Wiebe, Susana Lopez F, Thea Jentjes, Wai Kit Lam and Wai Yi Lai, in Takt Kunstprojektraum. It was there where these works started and today presents 1aSpace in this exhibition which has brought us together for a second time.
We start a journey through their different views and we explore different art techniques from graphite to paint to multimedia art, and we travel to investigate the different faces and interpretations of identity
Jacqueline, Shirely, Susana, Thea, Kit and Yi investigate concepts such as communication and integration in a city where the unfamiliar language of German made them vulnerable. At the same time, these circumstances help them to go within in order to express and respond to new complexities.

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