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UGR#10 – Basura tecnológica

UGR#10 – Basura tecnológica

“…electronic waste is often sent to developing countries under the guise of recycling. As the Basel Action Network indicates, up to 80 percent of electronic waste from the United States and up to 70 percent of electronic waste from Europe is shipped to developing countries. Electronics may be diverted from Western landfills, but their “recycling” is often just a deferral until they reach another, if more distant, landfill.” (pág. 129)

Fuente: “Digital Rubbish: A natural history of Electronics” Jennifer Gabrys. Ann Arbor. University of Michigan Press, 2011

Prototipo 5
Localización: 43º 15’ 46’’ N
                  2º 56’ 54’’ O
                  Luís Briñas

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